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BlackBerry Bold Extensively

Submitted by on June 22, 2012 – 4:32 amNo Comment

Boy Genius had a chance to take the Bold on a month long field test (seriously, we’re jealous) and the results are pretty much what most of us expected. It’s exactly what BlackBerry fans have been waiting for. Boy Genius says it best when they refer to the Bold as the “BlackBerry communities iPhone”.

The BGR review begins with a rocky start. The BlackBerry Bold has a start-up time which is admittedly frustrating. The phone takes upwards of three minutes to start-up. The Boy Genius team then had some issues keeping the phone powered in 3G mode. The old black screen and red LED that BlackBerry fans have become accustomed too.

But after their starter problems it was comparatively smooth sailing. BGR says the display is the nicest mobile phone screen they’ve ever seen and the Bold has been pimped up with an improved web browsing experience. The Bold is the BlackBerry that has it all, 3G data, GPS, and Wi-Fi. For much more check out the Boy Genius Report Bold review.

Remember all that talk about overheating and battery drain? It definitely wasn’t crap — we’ll tell you that! Even still, the device gets a little warm, but nothing to get too concerned about. RIM has made strides in regards to updated software builds for the Bold. Let’s bring you back to when we first got the device, ok? We thanked our very friendly FedEx Sameday delivery man (or delivery person since there’s this cute female that sometimes brings us goodies… anyway) and proceeded immediately to remove the SIM card and microSD card from our BGR edition BlackBerry Curve 8310. After that, we took a bat to it, Office Space style. Once the battery was installed in the Bold, we patiently waited for the unit to turn on.

One minute went by. Then two. Then three. What in the heck? Isn’t this supposed to be at least double the speed of the older models? When the unit finally powered up, we were greeted by the usual Setup Wizard. After canceling out of that (I can remove languages manually, athankyou) it was time to explore the device. At first glance, the first thing you’ll see is obviously the gorgeous screen on the 9000. We can safely say that this is the best screen we’ve ever seen on a mobile device. Hands down. So, yeah, after messing around with a couple applications and exploring, it was time to turn on wireless and connect to AT&T’s mothership. 5 bars of service showed up with the GSM indicator. Then EDGE. Oh boy, we’re so close! Finally 3G appeared. We were in business! But not so fast. No sooner than the 3G indicator showed up, the device for some reason restarted. All ‘Berry lovers will know this all too well. Red LED, black screen. After waiting for another three or four minutes for the device to power up again, the same thing happened! Everything was ok until we tried to turn wireless on. Oh bother. What now? The Bold did this in an endless loop for a good two hours. The battery was only at 40% so we figured we’d let it keep passing out until it was fully charged. Bad plan because that didn’t help. After managing to sneak in right at start-up and turn off wireless mode, the device was stable again. Great. What good is a BlackBerry as a PDA? Don’t answer that. By now we practically had a gun pointed to our heads. We messed with a Bold before, but we can’t even use our first unit? After a quick call to one of our BlackBerry ninjas, we were promptly sent an updated software build. Now it was time to update the OS.

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