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Twisted Metal – On cruise control

Submitted by on July 13, 2012 – 3:55 pmOne Comment

Too bad that isn’t the case here. Instead, Twisted Metal does little to shake things up and takes the safe, careful approach with its PS3 debut.

Twisted Metal places heavy emphasis on the story this time around, choosing to go more in depth on three characters rather than allowing you to see the storyline play out for each driver. Because the one thing we all remember from the Twisted Metal series is how dynamic the characters were. And, of course, we all remember how a tournament to the death, held by a magical, wish-granting wizard CEO, provided one of the most gripping video game narratives of all time.

Three different plots play out in Twisted Metal’s story mode, starting with Sweet Tooth, then moving onto Mr. Grimm and finally Dollface. Each story is delivered through cheesy cutscenes and dramatic voice-overs, and features a handful of matches introduced by the overly enunciating Calypso. Everything in here seems like something we’d expect from a 12-year-old boy scribbling notes about killer clowns and chainsaw-wielding bikers in the margins of his Trapper Keeper.

Being the target of everything becomes taxing far too early in the game. It’s hard to find the constitution to keep playing when you’re constantly being frozen and bombarded with rockets. You have no idea how many times I dropped the controller in frustration and had to walk away just to cool down, something I never do.

It becomes even worse later in the game after the helicopter is unlocked, as it seems the CPU opponents have even better aim when altitude is brought into the equation. In one instance Warthog, positioned on the completely opposite side of a massive map, might as well have had a sniper scope on his rocket launcher. The accuracy and efficiency of the CPU can only be described as cheap. The addition of the garage and vehicle swapping makes the punishing CPU bullies a bit less frustrating, though.

Each map has a garage and a roaming health-dispensing semi-trailer that can aid you, and in each contest you’ll have three different vehicles at your disposal. When low on health, you can either find and drive into the semi for a boost, find a health pickup somewhere, or drive into the garage and swap out your vehicle. Unused vehicles slowly regenerate health over time.

One Comment »

  • Hunter says:

    Great review! I think Twisted Metal on Cruise Control says it all. I recently got Twisted Metal through my Blockbuster @Home rental service. A DISH coworker and I have been playing through the game and it has been fun but not as fun as earlier iterations of the game. Overall the game was fun but really lacked any kind of replay value. I’m glad I saved the money by renting Twisted Metal instead of running out and buying it. I would have been pretty unhappy if I dropped $60 bucks on a game I beat in about 5 hours.

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